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 “The Queens”

Love Yourself Unapologetically!



To be a Newbeing Queen is to be your COMPLETE SELF through CHRIST.

To have an elevated thought, a renewed mind and a defined perspective of God, yourself and life. We also want you to embrace the royal authority that God has given you.


Caylon Allen

Newbeing Queen Movement has really been a blessing to me. Every sense I have been a part of this group of Ladies, it has blessed my soul. I have a new outlook on my life. I have learned that it is ok to be different. This group has allowed me to open up and  face the giants in my life. It is a privilege to be apart of a group of strong and loving Ladies.

I am a Newbeing Queen.

Kraven Sillemon.jpg


Hello, my name is Kraven Sillemon. The Newbeing Queen Movement has been a blessing to me. I am a perceiver and I can see how God is going to take this ministry to unbelievable heights. The women are so authentic and caring in this group that you do not feel judged. They have given me a platform to encourage and minster to women. I am happy and excited to be a part of such a great movement! I am Queen Kraven.


NewBeing Queen Movement has provided me with an opportunity for incredible fellowship with some amazing women. Each of us comes from different walks of life and can pour into the lives of others through our own experiences. It is essential we realize who we truly are in Christ, which is one of the main focal points of this ministry. Once we have fully grasped that identity, as one of the King's daughter, we can then pursue God as we grow and transform in Him. As iron sharpens iron, we are to be available to one another and love each other enough to say the hard things in love and keep it moving without fear of offense or division. The body of Christ is designed to work as one part of the body helping the others to function at their full potential. We all have a purpose, God equips us with everything we need to fulfill that purpose. Being a part of this movement is empowering to the women in the body of Christ, and it encourages us to move forward in the calling God has placed on each of our lives, together. Blessings! Queen Karen Lea Williams.

Karen Williams.jpg
Aquilla Rogers.JPG


Newbeing Queen Movement has helped me see myself in a different light!

I have always been a confident person, but now I am more confident than before. Being a Newbeing Queen, I do not feel the need to be perfect rather to be a better version of myself! I love this ministry and I want to see it reach the top! I am all in! I AM Aquilla Rogers, A Newbeing Queen.

Nakina Keya Taylor.JPG


I’ve always felt that I was a Queen but being a part of the Newbeing Queen Movement brought new meaning to it. The Newbeing Queen Movement reminds me of who I am to God. I am not perfect, I do not have it all together, but I am always striving towards excellence!


Queen Tatyana Cohens & Queen Hannah Gain



We are Queen Tatyana Cohens and Queen Hannah Gaines. We are the New Millennial Queens. We are here to learn how to be who God created us to be and to find our purpose.

Emily Lumpkin.JPG


My name is Emily Lumpkin and I was born a Queen. I have always set high standards for myself in my life. As a Queen, I always treat myself as such! I joined this ministry because it resonates with me. The Newbeing Queen Movement has encouraged me to enjoy my life. The Queens celebrate each other and that is support that we all need. I love the positive energy from this group of women. I would join again if I had a choice. I AM QUEEN DIVA!

Deneil Newton

In 2018, I came in contact with Queen Yolanda. At first, I wondered, how can someone be so jolly, encouraging and uplifting all at the same time. As time went on, nothing changed. Eventually I was introduced to New Being Queens and recognized immediately that I needed these ladies in my life. I had a bitter taste in my mouth about relationships and friendships. At the time I needed a fresh wind, abs the New Being Queens did just that. From the first meeting I attended until today, it has been all love. These women are encouraging, empowering, loving and above all, real. It has been a God send to have them in my life for who they are, and what they stand for. This movement is destined for greatness and is a direct reflection of how a sisterhood should look. All Hail to the New Being Queens.

I am a Newbeing Queen


Monica Peterson

Being able to fellowship with these group of Queens  is truly a blessing. This Organization has kept me standing when I felt like crumbling and to never get up. It’s been a Blessing to be able to call The Queens that God has put in my path for greatness and purpose, sisters. All I can say is, “But God!”

I am a Newbeing Queen


Tina Gandy

Since I have been apart of Newbeing Queen Movement, I have met some beautiful, intelligent, sweet, caring, and loving women of faith! These Queens are positive and supportive women wether by prayer, or in the person, to uplift, encourage, and help etc.... They understand that living a Godly life is important, but at the same time how to have good clean fun....

I Thank God for connecting us. I love each of them.

I am a Newbeing Queen


April Hernandez

This movement has been very uplifting...It encourages me to move forward...Gives me insight strength and hope...I found a bond and a LOVE that’s incredible...

I am a Newbeing Queen 

Cloretta Singletary

After attending one of the Newbeing Queen’s Workshops, I knew it was something  I wanted to be a part of. It was so fulfilling and full of Queens with great spiritual leadership. Now that I am one of the Queens, I feel like I have gained some wonderful  Sisters  who are very supportive, non judgmental, and that offers nothing but love and support.  It is my hope that if your reading this, that you join us and be a part of a wonderful  organization that empower women.

I am Newbeing Queen Cloretta 


Latoria Hawkins

Newbeing  Queen Women Empowerment  Movement has truly been a blessing to me. All of the queens are supportive of each other other’s ministry. Whatever we have going on in our personal lives, they uplift and they push you to your full potential, and the love that they share is true agape love. They have the characteristics of our Lord and Savior, they don’t just say it, they show you in their actions. We minister to each other’s  spirit.

They are queens that teaches and spiritually feeds us, what more could you ask for in a women’s empowerment movement?  It’s what I expected, and so much more. I am truly honored and proud to be apart of Newbeing Queen Women’s Empowerment, it’s truly a blessing to see how powerful women are when we come together in unity. We are Building a sisterhood that will last forever conquering all things through Christ Who gives us strength. This ministry allows you to be your authentic self, and you don’t have to pretend to be like anybody, and it allows you to fully move and walk into what God has called you to be. This movement  also allows you to get equipped for your purpose and your destiny of who you were called to be. They are Queens who can help you understand your destiny and purpose, and you have the opportunity to showcase your gifts and your talents. These Queens help you build your ministry. They encourage you to keep moving forward to not allow anything to stop you because they see the greatness in you. How beautiful is it to not only have a sisterhood, but a place where you can have true worship, true fellowship, also get equipped by women of God who have walk some of the same paths you have to walk who can help build, mole, and shape you to who you are called to be in God. A ministry that will never end, and you’ll have sisters for life.

I Am Newbeing Queen Latoria


Lizzy Randolph

I love these women and they love me. They make me Happy and feel special to be a part of the sisterhood. They let you make suggestions and give your ideas and they listen to you. I love being a Newbeing Queen. 

I am Newbeing Queen Lizzy Randolph

Takale McDaniel

NewBeing Queens Empowerment has been such a blessing to me. This group of women is truly an example of unity, power, and love! Complacency and stagnation is prohibited, these Queens truly believe in pushing one another to the next level!! This group is full of gifted women who exercise their God given gifts working together on PURPOSE! I have grown so much in a short amount of time, and I feel empowered like never before. The sky is the limit. I look forward to what God has in store for this movement!

I Am Newbeing Queen Takale


Patricia Robinson

New Being Queen movement is a blessing to me. I have learned how to be myself and enjoy being who God made me to be.  I joined this ministry, because I see women that’s on the move for God.

I am, Newbeing Queen Trishan

Queen Charisse.JPG

Charisse Cherry

It's a blessing to be a part of black women with like-minds who empower, encourage, support and uplift one another. Newbeing Queens is a movement that has a heart for the younger generation as well as the community, and they exemplify that through weekly prayer. I'm proud to be part of this great movement.  

I Am A Newbeing Queen, 

Queen Charisse

Queen Felecia.JPG

Felecia Bristol Kelly

My name is Felecia Bristol Kelly, Since I became a Newbeing Queen it has been a blessing to me. I’ve met some beautiful Queens that uplift each other and always there with a listening ear.  I’m looking forward to what God has in-store for our Ministry. 

I am Newbeing Queen Felecia 



Since joining the Newbeing Queen movement I've learned more about sisterhood. Having a community of women that celebrate and uplift you is very powerful. I AM QUEEN KINSHAWDA DANIELS

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