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What is an apology

Apologize means: A regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure. Expressing regret for something that one has done wrong. When you apologize it sets you and the other individual free. Apologizing is not just simply saying that I am sorry it is being apologetic for what you have done to them. You may not have done anything wrong, but if you have offended them or hurt their feelings in such a way that they feel as if you need to apologize, then apology may be warranted. You do not want to cause someone to feel a certain way when you were not deliberately trying to create that situation for them. It is actually being the bigger person. Apologizing is not just you being sorry for something that you have done wrong, you are actually apologizing for how you made that individual feel. So apologizing is you taking the highroad and admitting that you have offended that individual. Saying things like, I apologize if you took it that way, or I am sorry you think I hurt you. Those are not true apologies. They are apologizing for how you felt rather than how they made you feel. Clear the air, and apologize for what you have, or may have not done to hurt their feelings.

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