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✨What is a God Friend✨

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Everyone needs a God Friend. This friend will be by your side through thick and thin, right or wrong, but they will correct you in your wrong. They will not let you go thinking your wrong is right. They will support you 💯 and they will not be jealous of your walk with God. They are not prideful and will not constantly question your decisions. They will encourage you to press forward in your dreams and aspirations. They are faithful, committed, and loyal to you. You can confide in them and trust that they will safeguard your secret. They will support you the best way they know how. When you are upset, they will pick you up in the spirit. They will pray you through and encourage you to get up and keep going. They will NOT let you sit down on God! They will not spare your feelings when God has given them a word of correction for you. They love, respect, and adore you. They will take correction from you and will appreciate you being truthful and honest with them. Your God friend may be younger than you, but they are in your life for a reason. Cherish those that God has sent to be a blessing to you. Build the relationship on GOD and RESPECT!

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