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Until You See Your Wrong

Until you see the wrong you have done, and damage you have caused, you can never move forward. You have to get out of looking at man and pointing fingers, but look at the man that’s looking back at you in the mirror. When the wall of pride is broken off your life you can step out of darkness and see that you have been praying, but not in the posture of true repentance for real change to take place in your life. When you have changed and become a new creature you don’t mind sharing your flaws and shortcomings. When real change take place conviction falls upon you and you do not mind going to someone and apologizing. When true change takes place you will try to make amends even if you choose to step away and never go that route again. Change must take place so that you do not burn bridges wherever you go, because you are not willing to see that you need to change. Many of us lost our children because we refused to see where change was needed. We lost good friendships, relationships, and companionships due to our unwillingness to change. One day you will get tired as I got tired and you will see. You will look back and see all that you lost and sacrificed due to your unwillingness to change and see the errors of your ways. Allow God through the leading of the Holy Spirit to help you. This can not be conquered alone. You need God for this change. Until you see your wrong.....

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