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Your greatest struggle will be your best blessing. God always seem to make things that seem to be harmful, and turn it around for your good! So if you are going through the hardest time of your life, God is going to use this situation to bless you like never before. You may feel as if you are about to lose your mind, have a nervous breakdown, and anxiety attacks. This is God allowing things to happen so some of the things you were holding on to, to protect you break off. You might have handled things wrong, or had the wrong mindset, and God needs that broken off you. God has a call on your life, and where you are going, you can not take those internal issues with you because it will affect where you are going. Pride has to break off so you will not get beside yourself and think someone owes you something, insecurities has to break off so you will not compare yourself to anyone else. God needs you to totally trust him. I love this saying, “Your gifts will get you there, but your character will keep you there.” So look at this trial as God’s way of building character so you can sustain when hard times hit when you began to walk in your destiny! You can always reflect on what you’ve been through and you can say to yourself, “I made it back then from that, SURELY I can survive this!” Your hardships are there to strengthen your faith, and cause you to endure being talked about, lied on, mishandled, mistreated, overlooked, etc. You will be able to suffer long where God is taking you. I am telling you “The harder the test, the bigger the blessing!”

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