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Every time God has taken you to the next level, did you notice that one of you was having a baby or your children was having one?

I think that may be symbolic to you birthing and breaking open something! Look around at those attached to you. Look to see if they are growing, look too see if there's a change for the better in their life.

This is the start of your water breaking! Your water is breaking and if anyone attach you is not ready for where you are going they will fall off. Everyone is not ready for the next phase. The water breaking is just the beginning, and if they think this is intense, they have not seen just how intense it can get until they see you on your back crying and screams and seeing you in an unfamiliar position. They are use to seeing you standing straight up, they are use to seeing you smile, but when it's time to give birth, the atmosphere get real THICK. Everything gets crowded and those who are not part of the process, that is not authorized will be locked out, because that's a sacred place and only those that play a key part can go behind the veil, go behind the wall, and see you in your ugliness. Everyone can not afford to see you act out of character and see you super emotional and YET, UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS. They will fade away because they will not be able to handle the next level. Some people are only around when they understand. Not everyone can stand or stay around you when they do not understand and they can't explain YOUR NEW BIRTHING POSITION! It appears as if you are defeated, but you are in position to birth out something great! You are birthing out the next business plan, you are birthing out the building to work in, the house to live in, the car to drive, the funds in your account, your empire, your children's trust fund, your family fortune, YOUR MINISTRY, YOUR DESTINY!!! See, through this, you are in position to push out something that a lot of people will benefit from!!! THIS IS YOUR BIRTHING SEASON!


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