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Some people lack integrity

I had an encounter and an experience that has left me baffled. I’m baffled because I thought as business minded people of integrity, we all will do right by one another rather we think that person or people are important or not. I realize that it does not matter who a person is or what profession they are in, they are subject to take and deceive you, and when you voice your concerns, or dislikes they get offended, and turn the blame on you for their inconsistency and unprofessional behavior. Anyone can take advantage of you and never feel any type of remorse. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hand and deal with people so they will understand there’s repercussions behind their actions, or put it in God’s hand and take what happened as a loss so God can return it. If you don’t do anything, at least speak up for yourself and do not depend on others to do it for you. Remember this one thing, when you put matters in God hands they will lose out on more than they took from you. Whatever you do, maintain your integrity. Do what is right no matter what!

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