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Out live the lie by becoming successful

It does not matter how much they talk about you, what they say about you, lies they tell on you, you make sure you out live the gossip and the lies and keep trusting God and living. Let them watch you grow, let them keep sending new people to witness your prosperity and question why they despise you so much. They were supoost to do these things to bring you free publicity! These new people did not know you, now you are popular, you are the topic of someone else's conversation that you don't even deal with. Now new people are watching you because they pointed you out. They thought these new people were gullible and ignorant, but their eyes and ears of understanding is enlightened and they pick up on the spirit that is speaking. So no longer will you sit back and worry about what they say. It can be challenging to ignore the negative things people say about you, but it's important to remember that their opinions do not define you. You have the power to control how you react to their words. Instead of letting their gossip bring you down, focus on living your life to the fullest and trusting in God's plan for your life. Your success and growth will speak for itself, and those who once spoke negatively about you may even become your supporters. Don't let their words hold you back; keep pushing forward and living your best life.

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