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Obvious Wounds

When you see scars on people, those are obvious wounds that eventually healed. People are scared internally which man can not see with their carnal eye. When men and women of God do things that we know are contrary to God’s word, those are the wounds that did not heal correctly that we began to see. You realize they were not given the proper care to know how to deal with the wound in their soul at the time of injury. That wound left a mark or a whole. From time to time, things get into the wound and reinfect it. This is when you see different behaviors and character flaws. So you see folks doing and saying things they feel are right

These are the times God has to step in, and heal the wound so it do not continue to get reinfected. Over a period of time, if they are not helped, they become the infected wound and you see it affect others lives, and it takes greater treatment and work from God to get them to a place of healing to cleanse them of all of their dis-ease. So when you see men and women of God doing things out of error, pray for them, because you have just witnessed an obvious wound, or whole in their soul that only God can touch and heal. Be blessed ❤️

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