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No matter what, go with the original plan.

While under quarantine I learned how to truly invoke the presence of God and love being in that space all by myself. I learned to pray about everything and be appreciative for the small things. Now I understand the importance of stealing away so that I do not allow outside voices to discourage me. Sometimes people mean well, but the after affects of what they say lingers sometimes in a negative way, especially while things around you seem to be drying up, and God is not speaking. Sometimes He does not speak, because He already gave you the answer, and you are doubting Him. Just go with the original plan no matter what. It reminds me, if Moses had seen the Red Sea before he got to it, he may have turned around before got to it, but when he got there, it was too late to turn around. God shields or hides what’s ahead from us so we do not abort the mission. He wants us to follow through so that He can get the Glory and we reap the benefits of our obedience. I pray this blessed someone.

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