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Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Insecurity: a tendency to lack confidence or certainty in oneself, may be experienced by most people regarding some aspect of their lives. The lack of confidence, or exposed to danger or risk.

At times in life we encounter things we have no control over and we feel opened, vulnerable, and exposed. We no longer feel safe and confident that everything is ok. This can cause us to become insecure. When you become insecure, you can think that something is going on and it’s not. For instance, you think that your significant other is on the phone or texting someone they are hooking up with, you think they are meeting someone when they leave for a grocery run, you think they are with someone if they are ten minutes late coming in from work. Insecurities make you think something is going on when it’s just your imagination running wild. You tend to see, hear, and perceive things wrong. If you know someone with these signs, they may be insecure. It could have come from them lacking in a certain area of their life. This is not your issue, it’s there’s. Once they pinpoint where it developed from they can work on getting better.

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