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As parents we often miss the mark with our children. We are drawn away from reality with the stress of being a single mother, trying to keep the job, juggling bills, maintaining the necessities of the home, buying things for our children, but we forget to sit down and just listen to them. Our children need us more than we can ever imagine and a lot of times these need are our listening ear, a hug, and understanding. We focus so much on appearance and them acting right and not making a fool of us that we forget they have serious issues to deal with as well. A lot of us have dropped the ball, because we were playing both mother and father and those rolls caused a mix up in the home. You can’t cry, because life goes on and you have to be strong for your children, you can’t be too tough, because they will never understand. So you truly never have a happy medium, because everything was crossed up playing rolls we were never intended to play. A lot of things slip through our grip while keeping things moving in the home, and one major factor is our children. They suffer, because we try so hard to make a living for them that we forget the best thing we can ever do is instill the love of Jesus, safety, patients, and a peaceful home for them to come home too. I was one of the parents that missed the mark. I thank God that both of my children survived the harsh cruel environment of school, being picked on due to circumstances they had no control over, or being bullied. I do not point the blame at the school, because I realize I could have done something about it, but I was caught up trying to survive and supply them with the things I never had. They needed more than material things. What they needed was love and a listening ear! Now I strive to understand them rather they are right or wrong. I do not condone wrong, but I seek to find out THE WHY! Why did they do it?

To the single mothers out there,


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