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“Getting to know God and self in your quiet time.”

Its in the quiet moments when you can hear from God. When you settle your thoughts and your spirit, and lay before Him, He reveals Himself to you. Not only do He reveal Himself, but He reveals you to yourself. Self reflection and evaluation is most vital when you are in your transformational process. What God reveals to you is not there to break you down, tear you down, disappoint, or destroy you, but rather give you an idea of the things you need to work on, and why. Sometimes you have to ask yourself the question, why am I the way that I am? You may be harboring unforgiveness or you may be bitter inside from all of the things you’ve experienced in life. God may reveal your shortcomings to you, such as procrastination, fear, self-doubt, low-Self-Confidence or esteem, but those things are not to make you feel bad, but for you to have something you can build upon. Your quiet time is to get to know God, and to know yourself.

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