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Dealing with Opposition:

Moving on and Letting Go Sometimes, it's best to release people from our lives. When you stop giving them updates on your life, and things start looking up, you can pinpoint who was against you and the reason why everything you tried to do fell apart. It could be the same person who has been praying against God's plan for your life. But, don't worry, because after they're gone, things will get better. The same prayer they used to bring you down will be their own downfall. It's possible for people to pray against what you're doing, but they can't handle it when the tables turn and they have to face the same challenges they wished upon you. You don't have to say a word or do anything, but you can rest assured that things are about to get rough for them. It may take a while, but it's coming! Remember, they spoke it, now they have to reap it!

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