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Change is inevitable. We all have to make the proper adjustments and changes in life in order to grow. Some of us are forced to grow because we have gotten complacent and comfortable in the place we’re in. When you out grow a place, rather it’s staying with your mother, roommate, on your job, in ministry, in your relationship, even clothes, you have to make adjustments to accommodate the change. One thing we have established, is when you grow you can not stay in the same condition or state you are in, you have to move forward. The only thing not growing is something that is dead. If you are a live you are growing. No matter how difficult the changes are, we have to make them. Change is not a bad thing. We make it bad because we do not want to make the sacrifices, or adjustments. We have to put in the work for change to work for us. The world is forever changing, people around us is changing, seasons change, so why is it difficult for us to change? We have to have a made up mind that no matter how hard or difficult change is, it is necessary.

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