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“A Person Who Lacks Identity Can Not be Trusted!”

A person who lacks identity is someone who cannot be trusted. The reason they cannot be trusted is because they are looking for acceptance, and for someone to take them in and love and appreciate them for the things they do. They look for validation, confirmation, and a pat on the back. They are men pleasers and they will not tell you, you have offended them. They will keep the pain, insults, disappointments held in to keep from offending or hurting your feelings. While they are holding in the pain they soon becomes angry resentful and bitter with you, and you have no knowledge of how they feel towards you.. A person who lacks identity, do not know who they are, and anyone can tell them who they are, and they will try to fit that title, or criteria just to be accepted. They will not rebuttal or speak up for themselves. They will allow people to walk over them. They will accept assignments although they know that it will put a strain on them, their family, and their finances. You will never know they are suffering or going through anything. They will make all efforts not to stress you and they take on tasks that are not ordained by God thus putting themselves in a bind! They just want to be loved. A yes man is not always the best man, they just want to fit in and be loved. They are not suitable for leadership roles until they find their true identity and learn to say no and not deviate from it.

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